JuneShine Hard Kombucha 101

What is JuneShine Hard Kombucha?

JuneShine Hard Kombucha is organic, sustainable, gluten-free, hard kombucha (6% ABV). We ferment our kombucha twice, once with our unique jun kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria) to create a clean kombucha base, followed by a secondary fermentation with yeast and organic cane sugar. Flavored with organic juices and spices. Read more about how we got started.

How is JuneShine kombucha different?

Great question. JuneShine is different in a few ways:

  • We use Jun Kombucha: It’s smoother and less harsh than the kombucha you’re probably used to drinking because it’s made with green tea and honey, instead of black tea and sugar.
  • We use organic, real ingredients: We don’t put any ingredients you can’t pronounce in our kombucha. It’s completely organic, made with only green tea, honey, Jun kombucha, a touch of organic cane sugar, and flavored organic juices and spices for flavor. That’s it. No additives, no preservatives, no ‘natural’ flavors, no coloring, no rice syrup, no corn syrup.
  • Sustainability is built into our business model: We donate 1% of our annual revenue to sustainable non profit foundations certified by 1% For the Planet, and every day, we make choices that support the environment. We use sustainable packaging, we print on recycled materials, we upcycled an old brewery, and we treat the water we use before it goes back into the wastewater system. We’re not perfect, but we’re doing our best to make every choice one that’s better for our planet. We also support our ambassador community of environmentalists and adventurers who each have their own personal sustainability initiatives.
What flavors do you have?

We have five core flavors and a quarterly seasonal that we distribute outside of San Diego in cans and on draft. For more than 12 rotating flavors on tap, check out our tasting rooms in San Diego.

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