Sustainability 101


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Each day, we find new ways to lessen our impact on the planet, from providing every employee with their own set of reusable cutlery, to running our brewery on renewable solar energy, to a commitment to organic ingredients.

Here’s a list of what we’re doing, what we’re working on, and what we dream of doing. We believe in progress, not perfection, and are doing what we can each day to make JuneShine a leader in sustainable brewing.

  • We donate 1% of all sales to 1% For The Planet
  • We plant trees to replace those used to make our six-pack boxes
  • Our brewery is 100% powered by renewable energy through SDG&E's EcoChoice
  • We helped motivate one of our suppliers to get USDA Organic certified because of our purchasing power
  • We use 100% organic ingredients in our products
  • We bought an iconic, used brewery and upcycled it to make it our own (rather than building a brand new brewery)
  • We treat our wastewater before it goes back into the system
  • We only use glassware in our breweries, no plasticware
  • We use a large display menu, not paper menus
  • We use recycled paper products
  • We support the sustainability efforts of our ambassador team of athletes, artists and changemakers with over 2M in reach
  • We print the majority of our marketing materials on recycled paper
  • We source organic, local products for our restaurant, Enclave
  • We are switching from plastic six-pack holders to more sustainable, paperboard six-pack boxes
  • Making our green spaces into community gardens
  • Using printed cans rather than plastic-wrapped cans
  • Recycling water used for our brewery lawns
  • Reducing plastic in our supply chain (moving away from plastic-wrapped keg pallets)
  • Incorporating regenerative agriculture into our business and products
  • Meeting with alcohol production industry leaders to find ways to be even more sustainable



Brewing honest alcohol for a healthier planet doesn’t start and end with our kombucha. It influences every aspect of our business–including our packaging. That’s why, as of September of 2019, all of our six-packs will be sold in paperboard cartons rather than in plastic six-pack holders (helping us reduce plastic in our supply chain).

And it doesn’t end there. With the help of the National Forest Foundation (NFF), we’ll plant trees to replace those that were used to make the cartons in the first place. Through the NFF, we’re committed to sourcing paperboard and cardboard only from sustainably managed forests that plant only native trees. (Made possible by our friends at WestRock)

We still have work to do in eliminating plastic from our supply chain, but it’s a step in the right direction. Thanks for supporting us and our planet.

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