JuneShine Spirits 101

What is JuneShine Spirits?

Meet our new, better-for-you canned cocktail. We're three years into brewing hard kombucha, and we're seeing sustainable, organic disruptors like us everywhere...except for canned cocktails. We decided to give it a go and craft our own and JuneShine Spirits was born. All our canned cocktails are 8-10% ABV, which equals about two shots per can. And unlike most canned cocktails, JuneShine Spirits have no added sugar.

How is JuneShine Spirits different?
  • We only use premium, award-winning spirits.
  • Real, fresh juice for flavor.
  • No added sugar.
  • Each can has about two shots so no need to order a double.
What flavors do you have?

We have five core flavors in the market right now! Unfortunately, alcohol laws are tricky so you won't find JuneShine Spirits in our tasting rooms, but we're happy to point you in the right direction so you can get your hands on some.

Where do you source your spirits?

Tequila - Orendain

Rum - Malahat

Vodka - Award winning premium vodka

JuneShine is not a licensed retailer of distilled spirits. All distilled spirits orders are sold and shipped by licensed retailers on the AccelPay network. Accelpay.io is operated by AccelPay, an independent company

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