Distribution 101

Where can I buy JuneShine?

Find a store near you on our online locator here.

Do you sell cases? Kegs?

Email us at cheers@juneshine.co and we’ll get you set up with a keg if you’re in San Diego. We don't sell cases yet, but soon!

Do you ship to other states?

Yes! We currently offer home delivery in 43 states. Check out our Home Delivery articles for more information.

How can I take JuneShine home with me?

In most states, you can order online and have it shipped to you. We currently can’t ship outside of these states, so you have to buy it either in our tasting rooms or in a place that sells JuneShine.

I’m a restaurant/bar/liquor store/grocery store and want to sell JuneShine. Who do I contact about sourcing?

Yes! We've been waiting for you. Email cheers@juneshine.co.

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