What’s in JuneShine?

All of our flavors have a base of green tea, honey, cane sugar, and Jun kombucha. Then we add organic juices and spices to create the flavors. No additives, no preservatives, no coloring, no pesticides, no GMOs, no corn syrup, no rice syrup. 

Where can I find your nutrition facts?

On each individual product page, on our cans or 6-pack cartons.

Is your kombucha vegan?

It depends on how you define vegan. We use honey, so for some vegans, our product isn’t vegan-friendly. But most vegans love JuneShine! Plus, the honey we use comes from one of the most sustainable and regenerative producers, so bee populations are never harmed for our product.

Do you add sugars to your kombucha?

We use a combination of organic honey and organic cane sugar. Most of the sugar is taken up by the yeast and turned into alcohol, which is how we get our kombucha to 6% ABV. The residual sugar content in our core products ranges from 3 - 7 g in a 12 oz serving–very low for any beverage, let alone one with alcohol.

What is the ABV %?

All of our core flavors are 6% ABV and our JuneShine 100 flavors are 4.2% ABV.

Does the product have to be kept cold?

Yes, it should be kept cool (around 40F). Our products are unpasteurized on purpose to keep our live cultures alive. If left at room temperature or above for too long (usually more than a couple days), there is a potential for our kombucha to continue fermenting, increasing the ABV and changing the flavor. Sometimes this is kind of cool because you get a different take on our flavors, but it can also cause undesired acidity and over-carbonation. So keep it refrigerated and enjoy it the way our brewers intend for it to taste! If a can feels inflated or swollen, it’s likely past its prime.

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